Accurately defining an organization’s culture and the compatibility of key leaders to that culture is essential for both sustained organizational performance and the effectiveness of the leadership team.

We help diagnose your organization’s and leaders’ ability to change, innovate and execute.

We support culture change alignment by assessing the current culture and adequacy, analyzing critical gaps against the desired state, and providing recommendations to align and mobilize your resources.

Our robust diagnostic tools  provide you with the necessary actionable insights on organizational effectiveness, capabilities, values and competencies, core strengths and risks, gaps and recommended actions to make the change happen.

Key to sustained success is helping leaders to adopt a transformational and adaptive leadership approach.

It is essential to enable them to maintain the levels of engagement across the organization as the change effort unfolds.

We help you deliver the change agenda and improve change agility through the differentiated assessment and development of people, processes and systems.


Our Culture & Values Survey measures strategic orientation, engagement orientation, and other critical success factors. We provide a framework to assess the fit of leaders against future requirements, diagnose strengths and risks of the actual vs. desired state, formulate development actions to close the gaps, and support throughout the implementation.


  • Identify the change agenda
  • Align culture and business goals
  • Assess cultural fit of key people
  • Implement changes to transform your business