Whether it is a change in strategy, repositioning in the marketplace, acquisitions or divestitures, response to competitor action, or a regional economic crisis or expansion: a Business Transformation shakes an organization and its people at the roots.

A Transformation is not about incremental improvements – it is a quantum leap. It implies a fundamental shift in ambition, collective self beliefs, behaviors and culture, and underlying capabilities, systems and processes.

The biggest challenge is reforming the cultural instincts of the organization, and aligning organizational and individual skills and competencies.

The prerequisite for a successful implementation is an integrated program and strong – and the right – Leadership at the top.

We partner with boards and CEOs to help implement the transformation agenda, reform the cultural instincts of the organization, and align the Leadership population’s and organizational skills. We support throughout the Transformation performance chain:

  • Clear overall direction – What you want to happen
  • Program Design – Program goals and action plan
  • Enabling Mindsets & Behaviours – How people think and respond
  • Winning Performance – What happens as a consequence 
Our guiding principles:
  • A rigorous architecture along a few broad themes
  • Visible quick wins rooted in operational changes
  • Top Leaders as Change Champions

Consciously transitioning to a new, sustainable way of working at a significant higher level of business performance and health, while keeping operations running and risks to a minimum, is the biggest challenge Leaders spearheading a transformation effort are facing. We can help you do the right things – and do them right.


  • Business Transformation, strategic realignment, repositioning in the marketplace, acquisitions / divestitures, response to competitor action, regional economic crisis or expansion
  • New CEO
  • M&A Management Audit / Due Diligence

A Business Transformation is an Opportunity.

The key to success is to rigorously stick to doing the right things, and doing them in the right sequence.