Our solutions have helped organizations of all sizes identify and grow their next generation of leaders and maximize the performance of the current leadership cadre. And we help individuals gain insight into their own styles and the impact on inter-personal relationships and on delivering results. Our assessment and coaching process aims to assist executives to develop a very high level of self-awareness to enable executives to gain insights into their unique motivations and talents and to recognize areas of potential improvement.



Our approach and methodology provides a powerful combination of strategic talent perspective and deep executive insight.

We add the rigour of Decision Dynamics’ renowned CareerView™ & StyleView™ models and tools to our extensive experience, and partner with you to understand the benchmark profile for the role, leveraging our best-in-class executive success profiles.

On-line self assessment and behavior-based interview insights are consolidated in an Executive Insight Report which is discussed with the executive during a personal feedback session. Strengths are reinforced, and development actions are formulated to close identified gaps.

Involving the Manager and HRBP in the process to ensure development actions are business-relevant, progress is monitored, and adjustments are made as needed is of key importance to us.

We tailor process, tools and formats to your needs. And we equip you with the knowledge and instruments to continue assessing and developing your talents autonomously.



Our coaching process and approach is tailored to specific needs. We offer standard 3-6 months coaching programs, or our highly flexible and high-impact  open access format. Our coach acts as a sounding board, challenges thinking, stimulates creativity, provides tools and techniques for dealing with situations, gives encouragement, and builds confidence.


The executive is coached to recognize the behavioral requirements of different kinds of leadership and decision-making situations at different levels of the Leadership Pipeline. The focus is on identifying situations calling for behaviors that differ from those the executive is most inclined to use as a matter of past experience, habit or training. We help provide insights about the leadership requirements of the corporate world, and help executives move up the career ladder.


Deciding which career, job or company to choose can be one of the most difficult decisions to make. The challenge lies in gaining clarity about one’s strengths and intrinsic motivational levers, what really engages us vs. what society expects or wants for us. Take a step back and reflect. We work with leaders and high potential talents to help make the right choices, and potentially venture into something new, challenging and scary – but that feels right.

‘Show me someone who doesn’t dream about the future and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t know where they are going.’
W. Shakespeare