An organization’s success rests on the ability to work collaboratively. Our deep understanding of the characteristics of high-performing teams and our diagnostic tools bring clarity to the complex dynamics of teamwork and help your teams deliver on shared objectives, leverage and build on each others’ strengths and intrinsic motivations, and fulfil their true potential.

These Leadership Transformation solutions might also be of interest to you if you are planning on assessing and developing a broader leadership population.



A misalignment between a leadership team’s intrinsic motives and the organization’s culture can impact engagement, and therefore performance, and ultimately results. The aim is to determine the extent to which the executive team’s individual and collective behavioral styles and motivations fit the strategy.

The assessment provides a robust diagnostic projection into your Leadership team’s fitness to deliver on shared strategic objectives.

Key leaders are interviewed to establish a clear picture of the strategic pillars, objectives and related leadership challenges. Critical behavioral requirements and motivational themes are identified to successfully accomplish the objectives. Executives are assessed via interviews and online self-assessments, and individual profiles are mapped against the aspirational benchmark to identify gaps and developmental strategies.



We support Leadership teams to align their team culture, processes and shared objectives in order to maximize engagement and team performance.

Based on identified opportunities and risks of the team’s overall profile (Strategic Team Assessment), the program is targeted at assisting them close identified leadership and team process gaps. The engagement focuses on helping them effectively use their styles and motivational differences synergistically to accomplish key strategic objectives. Self-awareness is enhanced, working relationships are strengthened, and performance is boosted.

Our approach is business-driven. We work with concrete team challenges to make insights applicable and achieve quick wins.

Associated with an organizational transition, the strategic team alignment intervention is the first step towards a powerful, engaged and fully aligned Change Coalition.