and Strategy Alignment

An organization’s culture has a direct impact on the requirements on its leaders.

A misalignment between the company culture and the leadership team’s intrinsic motivations impacts engagement and hence performance. Ultimately, it affects the achievement of strategic objectives.

At the root of an organization’s culture are its:
  • Strategy
  • Structure
  • Valued Performance
  • Reward Systems

We partner with organizations to help align culture, strategic objectives and leadership, and translate it into a coherent talent management strategy and Leadership Brand.

We help to:
  • systematically understand the strategic context and values
  • make it measurable by translating it into benchmark profiles of success
  • understand the current leadership bench strength against those requirements
  • apply insights to hire, promote, develop, reward and retain the right leaders
  • increase operational effectiveness
  • support with developmental actions at organizational, team and individual level

Different strategic objectives require different leadership strategies, motivations and decision styles.

Our Leadership Transformation Solutions  help you make the right, informed Leadership decisions.

Selecting the right Leaders to spearhead your growth efforts will make the difference between success and failure – leverage our Strategic Talent Review.

Strategic Team Alignment can help your Leadership Team align their team culture, processes and shared objectives, to boost individual engagement and time to performance.

What is your Strategy?

…and do you have the Right Leaders to deliver
on your Growth Targets?

‘To forget one’s purpose is the commonest form of stupidity.’
F. Nietzsche