Our core expertise.

We work with CEOs, Business Leaders and Talent Management Specialists to help understand the strategic context, translate it into measurable success criteria in terms of cultural and behavioral leadership requirements, assess the fitness of the senior Leadership Team and key talent population, understand how individual and collective behavioral styles and intrinsic motivations fit the strategy, develop a talent heat map based on criticality, and formulate aggregate and individual development strategies to build on strengths and close gaps. 

We support private and public organizations across industries to design and deliver their talent strategy, leadership pipeline architecture and succession planning frameworks, and embed a sustainable talent management culture.

With our extensive experience with large-scale Leadership Development Initiatives and our tried and tested team of international experts, we help to understand the concrete implications the strategy has on leadership and workforce requirements and develop a Talent Action Plan to align business and talent strategy, maximize engagement and organizational effectiveness, and ensure the organization has enough of the right leaders and succession talents to deliver results. Now and in the Future.

We partner with you to mobilize your future and reach new levels of engagement and performance.

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A fundamental change in your business takes a deliberate effort.  A transformation is a hard, complex, and long journey. To be successful and to permeate the hearts and minds of the organization, it requires an integrated program and dedicated leadership.

We equip you to handle the leadership and cultural challenges that come with it. We recognize the need for persistence and necessary adjustment throughout the transformational experience. We help to capitalize on ‘smart effort’ to shift your whole organization.

We partner with boards and CEOs to help implement the transformation agenda, reform the cultural instincts of the organization, and align the Leadership population’s and organizational skills and competences.
We support throughout the Transformation performance chain:
  • Clear overall direction
  • Program Design
  • Enabling Mindsets & Behaviours
  • Winning Performance
Our guiding principles:
  • A rigorous architecture along a few broad themes
  • Visible quick wins rooted in operational changes
  • Leaders as Change Champions

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